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Offering High-Quality and Professional Training and Consulting to Business and Home Users

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What We Offer

30th Star, LLC specializes in providing cyber and information security training to business users in order operate safely in today's computing environment, as well as consulting services to build, revise or review your business Cyber policies. Additionally, we offer free initial and follow-up consultations because we want to make sure that our adaptive trainings are tailored to the specific type of business you are involved in. Topics include home user cyber and information security to address threats in a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to work environment.

We also have group home user training for people of all ages. This is especially perfect for senior citizens and children who are frequently targeted and are at risk for phishing scams, malicious downloads, and theft of personal identifiable information (PII). Please note that our trainings are based on headcount, requested sessions, and the flexibility of when and where they will occur.

For your convenience, trainings can be conducted on-site at your business establishment, school, or community center. If you prefer, an off-site location can be secured for a neutral training environment. Our sessions can also be accommodated during non-business hours, a desired shift schedule, or on a weekend.

We have discounted rates for new clients, repeat clients, nonprofit companies, government departments, educational entities, and senior citizen groups or facilities. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our office in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin today!

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