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Initial & Follow up consults on-site, email or phone are Free!

Business user training for safe computer operation                        $20 per person

Develop a user agreement for proper computer use                        $15 per hour

Establish a tailored Business Cyber Security Policy                          $25 per hour

Review current Business Cyber Security Policy                                  $20 per hour

Review/create Information Management processes                         $25 per hour

Physical security assessment of IT & business assets                      $20 per hour

     All services are prorated at 15 minute increments. Contracted work is logged with a start and stop time for your assurance that your service is completed with the utmost diligence to remain budget friendly.


    Service fee is listed at full rate and will not increase with size of requested contract. However, pricing is in the customer’s favor based on the organizational need, contract demand and type of organization, such as a community non-profit.


     Personal safe computer use training for today’s cyber environment for our aging community and school age children is free for groups of 5 or more.